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We help Web 3.0 projects build purposeful systems by pairing empirical data with scientific methodologies, industry-leading expertise and the diligence of the Norse Goddess Voer.

Guiding Your Web 3.0 Decisions with Precision

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge research services for Web 3.0 projects, tailored to your specific needs.

We stand by your side as you navigate the complexities of the decentralized web, offering insights backed by empirical data and rigorous scientific methods. Leverage our deep knowledge in Web 3.0 technologies to make informed choices.

Design your Tokeneconomy with us

Designing token-based systems is hard - we make it easy for you. 

We help you to identify your key stakeholders and design a system that accomplishes its intended purpose while staying mindful of the context the system is placed in.

Our Services


Token Services

Voer offers comprehensive tokenen services to help you design, develop, and deploy your own token-based system. Our team can provide you with the support you need to ensure the success of your Web 3.0 project.

Research Services

Voer's research service provides valuable insights from on-chain data to inform data-driven decision-making relating to users, competitors, and other protocol dependencies.

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How we work

Every project is different and needs a unique strategy. Depending on your project demands, we modify our services.

1 / Get in touch

Reach out and describe the challenges you are facing, the goal your would like to accomplish and how you think we can help. Let's find out if Voer services are needed for you.

2 / Service offer 

We will get back to you with a service offer and outline how we think we can support you and your project best with our services, network and skills.

3 / Onboarding

If we are a match we onboard you as a client and execute the agreed-upon offer.

Case Study

Prime Rating

Prime Rating builds and maintains a permissionless, open-source fundamental analysis framework facilitated through an incentive system to evaluate the quality and risk of Web3 projects. We supported the re-design of the incentive system around the product.

Our Clients Say

"We had a great experience working with Thomas on the incentive restructuring for Prime Rating. His tokenengineering services were exactly what we needed, and he completed the project to the highest standards."
Lavi, Ecosystem Steward, Prime Rating

Tap into our network - we are happy to connect you. 

Our Network

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