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Research Services

Organizations operating in the cryptocurrency industry can benefit from Voer's unique intelligence offering, which helps to better understand clients, adapt product offers, and find new sources of income.

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Insight into User Behaviour

We enable you to gain deep insight into wallet addresses interacting with your smart contracts. This can help you to understand your user on a deeper level and see how their interaction pattern changes based on on-chain and off-chain changes.


Data-driven Market Research

Gain meaningful insight into other protocols. What are their best-performing products of competing protocols? How do other protocols relate to your product? How is your user base interacting with your product in the context of the ecosystem? We can support uncovering this information and make actionable suggestions on how to react to the insight gained.


Intelligence Tooling

We can support you in the development and maintenance of intelligence tooling so you can take focus on execution while taking informed decisions.


User Research

Quantitative research allows us to understand the actual behaviour of users (i.e. what are users doing?), whereas qualitative research allows us to understand user reasons for a given behaviour (i.e. why are users doing it?).


Custom Requests

Voer is open for custom requests. Feel free to reach out if you believe there is something we can help you out with.

Let's Work Together

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