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Token Services

The tokeneconomy of any given protocol needs to support the product and community around it. Voer helps you to identify the requirement tailored to your use case and key stakeholder. We develop mechanisms for your system that meets the requirement and help you validate and parameterise your token- economy with academic-grade methods.

System Requirement Analysis

Voer helps you to identify the key requirement for your Web 3.0 project by mapping your stakeholders and applying quantitative and qualitative user research methods to understand ecosystem stakeholders.


System Design

Based on the System Requirements Analysis we help or design for you a System best supporting your project's goal. For this, we draw on our industry experience, academic knowledge and research skills. 


System Validation

Voer attempts to find ways to best validate the designed system to understand its viability in real-life settings, as well as, find the best parameter setting across resource constraints and different stakeholder interests. 


Implementation Support and Monitoring

Developing a fitting system for your use case is only the beginning of the work. Implementing it takes substantial care, effort and time. Voer can support you in this endeavour with hands-on support in introducing the designed system and ongoing monitoring and reporting on key metrics and parameters to you and your community.

Want to learn more?

Read our case study on Prime Rating to see how we helped the Prime Rating Community in the re-design of the incentive system around their permissions rating product or reach out to us directly for more details on how we may support your project.

Let's Work Together

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