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Ventr Finance

Ventr is a platform that aims to provide investors with resources to make informed decisions in the cryptocurrency venture investing space. Its main product, VentrVault DAO, allows investors with limited budgets to diversify their investments in Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) on launchpad platforms.

What did we do?


We identified ca. 50,000 potentially relevant wallets and successfully linked 1218 of them to Twitter accounts, resulting in 209 leads that were easily contactable. Overall we conducted 7 explorative interviews with relevant participants.  The information gained helped us to form hypotheses for product development and refine the strategic focus for Ventr Finance's product roadmap.

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Check out some of the deliverables we have created for Ventr Finance:

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Client Satisfaction

"I had a great experience working with Voer. They provided valuable insights into our potential client base by leveraging on-chain methods and conducting user interviews. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to make informed product design choices and maximize their project's success."
Albert, Founder, Ventr Finance

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